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Period Tracker: Discover Which Method is Best for You

By Keeping track of your menstrual period, you’ll learn more About your body. You’ll record important data like you cycle length, how much you bleed, menstrual symptoms, and more. This information will help you identify anything about your period that may be abnormal and will provide your gynecologist with valuable information your doctor should know about.

There are diverse ways to keep track of your period. Read on to see how other women are keeping track of their reproductive health and discover which option seems best for you.

Different Ways to Track Your Period

Whether it’s simple or sophisticated, the best way to track your period is to find a method that fits your lifestyle and personality. Choose the option that you are most likely to stick with. How you keep track of your period doesn’t matter as long as you are collecting these important data points:

  • Cycle length (the time between the first day of your period to the first day of your next period)
  • The day your period starts and the day your period stops
  • Flow intensity
  • Any spotting or bleeding between periods

These four data points are the minimal amount of information you should record. But they are by no means the only information you can collect. Premium features track PMS, period symptoms, fertility, and more.

Pen and Paper

Keeping track of your period can be as simple as writing down a few notes each month. Remember, the simplest method of tracking your period is just as effective as the more sophisticated options. Suppose you keep track of valuable information on pen and paper. In that case, there are simple ways to note your menstrual patterns. Consider what works for many other women, like:

A Note Card

A simple piece of paper kept in your purse or nightstand can keep track of the basics of your period.

A Printable tracker sheet

There are several free calendars that you can download and print. There are also inexpensive options on Etsy if you want a cute format.

You can also use this period tracker sheet composed by Dr. Julia Edelman, a board-certified gynecologist and renowned authority on women’s health.

Add it to your calendar

If you keep a calendar, add a few notes about your period each month.

Tracking Your Period in Your Bullet Journal

Journals, especially bullet journals, offer a great way to keep track of your period. This method is especially appealing to the more creative types.

Here are some examples of bullet journal pages dedicated to tracking menstruation. Notice the diverse ways women keep track of their period and how some women are plain and simple, some detailed and creative, some funny. Each woman uses a style that best represents her.

Digital Period Trackers

For women who are more tech-savvy or proficient with smartphones, there are many ways to track their reproductive health on their devices.

Keep Track of Your Period on Your Phone

  • Take notes on your phone: Use your phone’s notes app to keep track of your period.
  • Make notes on your phone’s calendar.
  • Use a period tracker app: many apps are designed to track reproductive health.

The Top Period Tracker Apps

Apps are a great way to track your menstrual patterns. Several apps are available on the Google play store or the Apple App Store. Most period tracking apps have two subscription plans: a basic version for free and a premium version for a monthly or yearly fee. Most free versions keep track of the essential data points: dates, cycle length, and abnormal bleeding.

The premium versions track other things, like menstrual symptoms, PMS, fertility windows, etc. The premium versions also present data in graphs to help you visualize your menstrual patterns.

The top 6 period tracking apps are:


Clue has a free version and a premium version. Clue’s free version is arguably the best of any other free version available from the other period tracking apps. The free version provides: an overview of symptoms experienced during your cycle, fertility windows, and any irregularities.

Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow is another popular period tracker app. Its free version offers basic tracking of your period. The premium version allows the user to track many other health features.


Flo is perhaps the most popular period tracking app. Flo is an all-inclusive app for tracking your reproductive health. The app records your cycle, flow intensity, vaginal discharge, water intake, sleep, etc. It also tracks fertility, symptoms, signs of pregnancy, and your history of taking birth control.


Glow’s free version offers an ovulation tracker and a Fertility predictor. All other data requires the Paid version.


Ovia is a Fertility tracker and ideal for women hoping to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. Ovia also has a period tracker. Best of all, some insurance or health plans cover the cost of Ovia’s premium version.

Period Tracker Period Calendar

This is the top-rated period tracker app on the Google play store. Its biggest draw is that it syncs with your google drive. Therefore, your data is backed up and easily accessible to your OBGYN if you want to share your menstrual history with your doctor.

What to Do With Your Menstrual History

You’ll learn much more about your body and reproductive health by keeping your menstrual history. This can help you recognize any abnormal bleeding.

You should always report any abnormal bleeding to your doctor. The data you record about your period will help your doctor identify symptoms that warrant further investigation.

Even if you have regular bleeding patterns, still take your tracked data when you visit your gynecologist.

Dr. Julia Edelman

If you notice any abnormal bleeding or have questions about your reproductive health, contact Dr. Julia Edelman. Conveniently located in Middleborough, MA, Dr. Edelman’s practice, Women’s Health New England, is proud to serve the women living in Boston, Newport, Providence, or Cape Cod. Reach out to Dr. Edelman online, or call Women’s Health New England at 508-947-0800.

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