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Maria D

Highly recommend her!

Kerri P.

I went to Dr. Edelman for a second opinion on whether or not I was a candidate for a uterine ablation. After having my concerns dismissed by my last ob/gyn, I was understandably nervous going into my first appointment.

However, I found Dr. Edelman to be one of the kindest, attentive, patient, knowledgeable, and THOROUGH doctors I have ever worked with. She took a detailed history and explained that she was going to run some tests and labs and “put together the pieces of my puzzle” before she made a determination about whether I would be a good candidate for an ablation. One of the tests was a hysteroscopy with biopsy. This biopsy came back showing that I had endometrial cancer. Something I was not prepared for.

Dr. Edelman was very proactive in helping me begin my treatment, referring me to a great surgeon at Dana Farber, where I underwent a full hysterectomy and have been declared cancer-free. Dr. Edelman even called me personally during my recovery to see how I was doing!

She has also been very supportive in helping me navigate my way through surgical menopause. Taking the time to answer all of my questions and address all of my concerns.

Dr. Edelman quite possibly saved my life, and I highly recommend her!

Highly recommend Dr. Edelman!

Dorelle Z

Highly recommend Dr. Edelman! I’ve been a patient for 20 years and she has consistently been informative, professional, patient and knowledgeable. When I was hesitant to take certain medications for osteoporosis she went out of her to way get information, patiently waited for me to come to my own decision and never pressed me to rush into something I was concerned about. Because of her care and recommendations my osteoporosis has improved. Her staff are always friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Edelman is typically on time with appointments and if she is running a couple minutes late, you can be sure it’s because she is taking extra time with a patient who needs her, just as I know she has done for me. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable and professional; who could ask for more?

The best experience of my life!

Amanda G

The best experience of my life with a physician. Dr. Edelman is knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough. She covered all the bases and more. She went above and beyond during my visit, requesting to do labs and check on a few things that I wasn’t necessarily getting checked on during that appointment. I felt that she truly cared about my health and I find that to be rare nowadays. I highly recommend her to any woman seeking an exceptional OBGYN.

If anyone is looking for "a better way"? It's Dr. Edelman!

Carla M.

Dr. Edelman scheduled my Mirena IUD five days in advance and encouraged me to do my own research, so I’d be more informed about the procedure, and to call her with any questions. My research informed me of one thing. Pain, and on a level that’ll send you to heaven and back, but only for a minute or two. My online search results included a Slate article titled “Getting an IUD can be insanely painful. Is there a better way?” Great question!! Another article mentioning conscious sedation titled “Getting an IUD doesn’t have to hurt like hell”, referenced another Slate article titled “Pain on a Cosmic Level” to support it. Not exactly the answer I was hoping for as I wasn’t getting conscious sedation. I almost took Dr. Edelman up on her offer to call with any questions, to ask if I could please cancel my appointment. But I didn’t and was resigned to my fate. Fast forward to back at Dr. Edelman’s office. As I was still bracing myself to go to Heaven and back, she told me to relax because it was done. ZERO pain. So, if anyone else is looking for “a better way”? It’s Dr. Edelman. 5 stars!! Would’ve been 6 if not for the five days to do the research.

Highly recommend!

Lisa S.

Highly recommend!
Are you searching for a genuinely kind-hearted, caring, hardworking, brilliant GYN? Search no more, Dr. Julia Edelman is your answer! As one of her patients, I have consistently received exceptional Gyn care over the past twenty years. I truly value her great expertise, attention to detail, and caring bedside manner. Her efficient nursing and pleasant office staff always make you feel at ease.
Dr. Julia Edelman goes the extra mile! She gives you thorough explanations, plenty of time to voice your health concerns, and provides you with further resources to sustain your wellness and longevity. Excellent Women’s Care!

Dr. Edelman listens to all of my concerns and issues!

Tina F.

I have had two procedures, thus far with Dr. Edelman. She has been very informative and easy to understand. Dr. Edelman listens to all of my concerns and issues and takes my feelings into account.

I highly recommend Dr. Edelman!

Dalia C.

Dr. Edelman is very thorough. She asks a lot of questions and is very attentive, you never feel rushed with her. I highly recommend Dr. Edelman.

Extremely knowledgeable!

Kerri W.

One of the most caring and professional medical care providers around. Very thorough and takes the extra time to address your questions and concerns. Extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend her book, Menopause Matters.

I admire her commitment!

Ingrid W.

I have been a patient with Dr. Edelman for 4 years. She has gotten to know me and provides feedback and learning material that meets my needs at every visit. I admire her commitment to continuous education and therefore trust her in providing information for me to make informed choices. The in-office procedures have been some of the best care I have received. My complaints were not dismissed. In the safe space she creates in her clinic I felt respected and my opinion was heard and was informed/educated when needed.

Finally found someone that didn't put off my concerns!

Brianna G.

After numerous horror show gynos I finally found someone that didn’t put off my concerns. I get frequent cysts on my ovaries and like to keep an eye on them with my family history. Dr. Edelman immediately had me book an ultrasound, I practically had to beg my last few gynos to get one. I was happy with the visit and am happy to have a gyno that’s on the same page as me.

I highly recommend Dr. Edelman!

Loretta K.

I highly recommend Dr. Edelman. She is knowledgeable, thorough, caring and I totally trust her! Her staff is great too; efficient and friendly!

Dr. Edelman is absolutely amazing!

Rebecca K.

Dr. Edelman is absolutely amazing. Patient, kind, and knowledgeable. I had an IUD put in about 7 years ago by a different GYN and it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. When I decided to get another IUD, Dr. Edelman assured me I was in good hands and explained that she took extra steps to alleviate as much of the discomfort as possible (prior and during the insertion). She was not lying. While I won’t be rushing to get another IUD in anytime soon it was a completely different experience and much more bearable. So grateful to have a wonderful GYN that I trust!

Dr. Edelman is the BEST!

Nancy T.

Dr. Edelman is the BEST! She has so much knowledge and I feel is a dynamic leader in Women’s Health care. She is always on top of latest medical advances and takes the time to explain any updates or changes. She also takes the time to really get to know you as a person…and sees you and your health care as a holistic partnership!
She has patience and understanding even when her day is so busy. My experience with Dr. Edelman has always been positive. I trust her judgement with diagnosis and treatments that I have received the past 20 years!
Thank you for being such a great Dr.😊

Listens to my concerns and takes them seriously.

Christina D.

I spent 20 years undiagnosed, and in chronic pain until I found Dr. Edelman. She and her staff are amazing- kind, knowledgeable, reliable, and thorough. It is so nurturing and refreshing to have an OBGYN who listens to my concerns and takes them seriously. Procedures that I’ve had in office have been humane and thoughtful. If you’re looking for expert level medical science with a soul this is the office for you.

No wait times, super friendly, always available and accommodating.

Melanie R.

I would definitely recommend DR Edelman and her staff. My experience since being a patient with this office has always been wonderful! No wait times, super friendly, always available and accommodating to my schedule, very informative and thorough. You would not be disappointed!

I have always been shown respect from Dr. Edelman

Ronda Z.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Edelman for over 25 years. I have always been shown respect from Dr. Edelman and her kind and helpful staff and received excellent care.

They are nice, caring and make sure you are comfortable.

Emma S.

They have been amazing my friend recommended and I am so grateful! They are nice, caring and make sure you are comfortable. Getting the iud was the best decision, they did an amazing job putting it in. Everything thus far has gone smoothly and amazing. I appreciate them so much!

I highly recommend Dr. Edelman. Her expertise drew me to her and now she is my regular gynecologist.

Kathy Ebbeling

In October 2017 at the age of 54 and well into menopause, I experienced abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding. I had a male Gynecologist for years, but with all the craziness menopause was throwing at me, I researched women gynecologists in Massachusetts with menopause as a focus.

My husband and I truly believe finding Dr. Edelman saved my life.

Even though not accepting new patients at the time, Dr. Edelman saw me right away when learning of my symptoms. After examination and testing, we learned I had an aggressive type of endometrial cancer, luckily at a very early stage. She immediately referred me to a colleague at Brigham Women’s and on 12/21/17 I had a total hysterectomy and my life resumed without incident. Blessed and Forever grateful.